Deaf School book references Sodajerker podcast

In addition to recent mentions in fictional works like Nicholson Baker’s Traveling Sprinkler, and non-fiction books like Rich Podolsky’s profile of Neil Sedaka’s rollercoaster career, Neil Sedaka: Rock N’ Roll Survivor – The Inside Story of his Incredible Comeback, we have more great news to share regarding authors who have used the Sodajerker podcast as a source for their writing.

Much to our delight, our interview with Deaf School’s Clive Langer and Steve Allen is referenced in Paul Du Noyer’s terrific new biography of the band, Deaf School: The Non-Stop Pop Art Punk Rock Party. The first full-length biography of the band, this book provides an in-depth look at one of Liverpool’s most interesting and influential, yet rarely appreciated, treasures. You can pick up a copy of the book at Amazon UK or directly from the band’s website.

Du Noyer, who was, in fact, the person who helped us to arrange our Deaf School interview in the first place (!), is a Liverpool-born journalist and author who you may recognise as the writer of Liverpool: Wondrous Place, probably the definitive account of the Liverpool music scene, which is also available on Amazon.

One again, thank you to Paul for helping us to make the podcast happen and for being generous enough to reference it as a source in his book.

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