Episode 45 – Chip Taylor

Singer-songwriter Chip Taylor picks up his guitar to talk Simon and Brian through the writing of songs like ‘Wild Thing’ (The Troggs/Jimi Hendrix), ‘Angel of the Morning’ (Merrilee Rush/Dusty Springfield/Chrissie Hynde), ‘I Can’t Let Go’ (Evie Sands), ‘Welcome Home’ (Walter Jackson), ‘Storybook Children’ (Billy Vera and Judy Clay), ‘Try’ (Janice Joplin), and selections from his recent solo albums like ‘F**k All The Perfect People’, ‘Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe’ and ‘Phoned in Dead’. Chip also talks in detail about the Brill Building days, his alternate career as a professional gambler and the writing processes behind his latest release Block Out The Sirens of This Lonely World.

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