Recent appearances

Happy new year to you all! A few recent appearances to tell you about.

A couple of months ago we guested on episode 337 of Jeremy Dylan’s My Favourite Album podcast to discuss Paul Simon’s classic 1975 LP, Still Crazy After All These Years. This was a blast, and we hope you’ll listen in.

We also had fun reminiscing about our formative years in music with Steve and Ben on episode 18 of the Songs From a Padded Envelope podcast. That one even contains an old demo of a song we wrote called ‘Sweet Tea’.

Print-wise, if you live in the North West of England there’s now a nice multi-page spread about the show in the January 2021 edition of Lake District and Lancashire Life magazine, thanks to Jeremy Blackmore for putting that together.

In November of 2021, the podcast will turn 10 years old, so we have some exciting stuff planned this year. Hopefully you’ll celebrate that anniversary with us when the time comes.

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